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Monday, February 13, 2006

Skip Walker's Response to the State of the Union Address

Like you, Skip watched the State of the Union address last week. He decided to respond in a big way. Watch to hear what Skip has to say!

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USPS Delivers Poor Customer Service for the Holidays!

Yep, the USPS failed the customer service test when they delivered an arrogant message to me last week. Just when you think this quasi-public organization learned how to deal with the public, they treat their customers with like they are the only game in town. You would think the USPS would have learned a lesson about losing business to UPS, FedEx and email. Let's stamp out rude behavior by our postal service.

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Technical Troubles
Just as soon as I get the technical troubles straightened out, we'll get another post. Thanks everyone for your patience.

We're Comin' After Ya!

Pretty soon you'll need a doctor's note so you can earn those extra airline miles. You know how some people carry a card with them to restaurants to figure out how much to tip their waiters? Soon waiters are going to have a height/weight chart to tell their customers how many miles they can earn. Too short for your weight? Sorry, you can't earn full mileage.

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Steroids, Breakfast of Champions

Congress wants all of the test records of Rafael Palmeiro's steroids test. Should they really be able to do that? Did congress forget about HIPPA? Pretty soon we'll be paying a Lincoln for a gallon of gas. How about gathering some of those records?

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Here's Your Employee Discounts!

The new rage is for companies to offer “Employee Discounts” in order to improve revenues. While companies are in the mood to let us save a little bit of money, I have a few suggestions that might just help out! Do you want to know who should be offering the next “employee discounts?”

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I Need A Crash Course in Grocery Shopping

I can't shop now and I couldn't shop then. When I got my driver's license my mom sent me to the store for a head of lettuce. I came home with a cabbage. I think food stores close their doors when they see me coming.

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